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The boot camp will be held over 2 days at Rydges in Port Macquarie, NSW.  You can attend either day or both.

Day 1. Micro-blading

Jun Ye who has just returned from China with the latest in design will present:

  • Drawing in detail
  • Using the string line to design brows
  • 3 Hair patterns
  • Soft curve brow design
  • 3 Dimensional Brow
  • Ombre
  • Mist Shadow
  • Micro-blading demonstration by Jun Ye

Day 2 Machine Tattoo with Principal Donna Moody-Martin

  • Facial Anatomy
  • Pigment Displacement Syndrome
  • Eyelid Anatomy
  • Demonstration of intense 3 direction 15 minute eyeliner
  • Demonstration of Colour Repair
  • Full Lip Mist Pout technique

Day 2 is working with the machine doing combination brows (shadow and hairstroke) and also focusing on colour correction.  We will be doing an intense Eyeline demonstration and full lip pout demonstration.  All students must bring their machine and needles.  If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.