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Paramedical and Scar Camouflage

Unit Code 1009 - $5000


Certificate of Attendance issued

Paramedical Cosmetic Tattoo is the insertion of skin coloured pigments into the skin to mimic the appearance of natural features on the body that have been changed or disfigured due to chemotherapy, surgery or any other conditions.

Nipple and or Areola reconstruction can be created on the breast where surgery may have removed, distorted, or changed the natural appearance of the breast and areola. Paramedical Micropigmentation also includes treatments for surgical scars and burn victims.

Pre-requisites: Maintain Infection Control required in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania & Western Australia.

Course Structure:

• Theory and quiz via e-learning
• Three day One on One Training in private training room or your own salon which has council approval
• 4 models required (2 for breast 2 for scaring or stretch marks)
• Student to supply models unless travelling to train.

This technique is performed with a machine. If you do not have a suitable machine you can purchase one from our college.  Using your own machine, you will require Nano or Micro needles in size 1, round 5 and slope needles.



Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Adelaide and Port Macquarie.

Travel can be arranged at a fee to your own salon in Australia or New Zealand.

 Kit Contains:

  • Carry bag
  • Set of camouflage pigments
  • Practice moulds
  • Disposables: gloves, face masks, aprons, pastic bowls & hair covers
  • Cotton tips, alcohol wipes and cosmetic pads
  • Pigment cups, finger Rings & pigment holder
  • Shaping pencil
  • Surgical skin marker
  • 10 Assorted needles if using one of our brand of machines or student to supply own needles


Apply for finance with:

Option 1 - $1,400

 Digital Skin Master 7 Machine with Training 

  • A lightweight portable Digital Machine
  • Noise free
  • No back flow to prevent contamination
  • Adjustable needle length
  • Takes micro needles, single,3 & 5 Round, 4 & 6 Flat and 10 Slope Needles. 
  • Easy change disposable capsuled needle
  • 12 months warranty

Option 2 - $2,300

Digipop Deluxe  10 Speed Facial & Medical 

  • Noise free and compact sized

  • Computerised LCD Screen 

  • 10 Speed Digital control.

  • Takes micro needles, single, 3 & 5 round, 4 & 6 Flat, 10 Slope

  • You can add an extra skin needling handpiece 

  • Retracted needles for safety
  • Individually sealed single use sterilised needle cartridges
  • No back flow into the hand piece to prevent cross contamination
  • 12 months warranty

Option 3 - $3,800


  • Easy to use all-in one single piece needle cartridge
  • Retracted Revo needles for safety
  • Individually sealed single use sterilized needle cartridges
  • No back flow into the hand piece to prevent cross contamination
  • Touch screen
  • Speed from 1 – 10
  • Adjust to nominated speed for each different procedure
  • Suitable for body tattooing
  • Manage customer information & before and after photo by registering customer information
  • Play music saved in SD card
  • 12 months warranty