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UNIT CODE 1003 - $3,900


Three Day Certificate Course:  Learn the art of hair stroke and shadow (without the need to use a tattoo machine). This course is a more intensive course and you will work on six models so that you will feel confident in applying the knowledge of both achieving fine hair stroke and shadow. Included is the Sketch Tool to enable mist and shadow brows.


 Maintain Infection Control required in Queensland, Victoria,Tasmania & W.A.

Course Structure:

Theory on line

Three Day "one on one" training in private training room or your own council approved salon.

Six Models for Hair-stroke or shadow brows.  Student to supply models unless travelling.


Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth and  Port Macquarie.

Travel can be arranged at a fee to your own salon in Australia or New Zealand. You will be required to supply a copy of your local council certification.

 Australian first using the latest in micro-blading stamp pop tool that offers the finest hair stroke without the need to worry about depth into the skin.  The new Sketch Tool for offering clients shadow effect without the need for a machine. This is designed for the student who has previous experience in brow shape and who wishes to learn micro-blading using a hand tool. It offers a distinct natural hair stroke.  

 Training Kit Contains:

  • 1 New Stamp pop hand tool
  • 4 disposable capsule needle/ blades
  • 6 Disposable Brow Tools 
  • 4 Sketch Tools
  • Brow shape stickers
  • 2 Practice mats
  • 2 Surgical markers
  • 6 Disposable shavers for shaping
  • Disposables: Gloves, face masks, aprons, tray and hair covers
  • Cotton tips, alcohol wipes cosmetic pads and shavers
  • 6 Protat aftercare cream
  • Anaesthetic from a compounding chemist
  • Finger rings and cups
  • Pigment Holder
  • Carry bag

     If you would like an extra day training within 8 weeks on completion of your course, you will receive a discounted price of $990 instead of $1500.00.  

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