Cosmetic Tattoo/ Micro Pigmentation/ Semi Permanent & Permanent Makeup Training College




Our company takes pride in our teaching methods and theory knowledge, I have had more than 30 years experience as both Principal and owner of my own Accredited Beauty Therapy College and now the Australian Cosmetic Tattoo College.  Thus providing the essential theory requirements for you to complete your Certificate in either Cosmetic Tattoo/Micro pigmentation, Micro-blading, Scalp Micro-pigmentation or Skin Needling. Our training may differ from many other courses in that our method of training is for a more natural looking procedure. The comprehensive Theory Book for all classes will assist you in your endeavour to become, not just a Cosmetic Tattooist but a Great Cosmetic Tattooist!


Your Theory book will become your tutor at hand after you have completed your course as with ongoing support through our College, Student Forum Page on Facebook and further information available for you on our website through our Student Information page. This page is password protected and has everything that you need at your fingertips.


Cosmetic Tattoo is not difficult to learn, but you will require previous knowledge in applying makeup, you must abide by the strict guidelines that you will be taught in class, this includes health regulations, client history forms, skin disorders and the correct use of pigments, procedures and after care. To achieve the best results from your training you will require a good selection of models i.e. some that have never had previous tattoo, models who have very sparce brows. We offer assistance in both business planning and insurance issues, you will also receive personal coaching and ongoing support from our highly experience master trainers with a free call number 1800 024 050 to offer you ongoing support throughout your new career, also the choice to email photos of your ongoing work for comments from our trainers.


Remember these courses are short courses, you will be expected to continue your practice once you have completed the theory and practical components, it is best not to allow too much time between your completion of course and some practice models to work on once you are in your own salon.


Learn this fantastic art with our qualified Trainers and Assessors in each state of Australia and in New Zealand. We train one on one our  training takes place in approved salons or medical rooms or in your own salon. 


Once completed you will receive a Certificate that will enable you to obtain the revelant insurance for your salon or home practice. If attending the Beginners Course you have the option of joining the Association of Cosmetic Tattoo or APAN.


Supplies used within our College and future supply for your new career are sourced through Oz Cosmetic Tattoo Machines who specialise in all aspects of machinery and training equipment including Machines by Bio Tek (Italian) Nu Pearl (German) Bio Touch (Korean)  as well as Kolorsourse and NU Pigments and accessories by Dr. Linda Dixon. (USA).


Finance is available from as low as $45 per week through Mac Credit.  We have booking forms on all pages, just click on the enrol now icon and you can download your booking form and be one step ahead.  Email it through to us with your preferred dates and we can go from there.


For more information, call our Free call Hotline - 1800 024 050


I look forward to working with you.


Donna Moody-Martin

Principal, Australian Cosmetic Tattoo College