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 RTO No 45214


SHBBINF001 - Maintain Infection Control

 Unit Code 1010 - $350

Online theory



 Pre-requisites: Nil

 Mode of Assessment

Assessment will involve demonstration (video) and written questions.

 Resources Provided

Course includes: Comprehensive Theory

Maintain Infection Control courses are required for all tattoo courses in Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania. It is also required for all students enrolling in the Accredited Course SHBBSKS003 Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattoo throughout Australia. We recommend all students complete this online course before starting any course involving tattoo.

 This course provides the following skills and knowledge:

  • Infection Control regulations and legal obligations
  • Risk Management
  • Cleaning Disinfection and Sterilisation
  • Blood Spills
  • Needle Stick injury
  • Monitor hygiene of premises
  • Clinic design for control of infection
  • Autoclave knowledge

NOTE:  If you live in Queensland and are looking to work from home or start a business you will also need HLTINF402C to practice.   This is only a Queensland requirement but all students are advised by the college to check with their local council what requirements they need to perform penetration of the skin.

See link below for details.