4 Day Micro-blading/Brow Feathering and Shadow Brow Course $6,000

Unit Code 1003A

 (also known as Feather Brow, Embriodery and Hair Stroke)



Suitable for students without previous brow tattoo experience

Maintain Infection Control required in Queensland, Victoria & Tasmania

Course Structure:

Theory via on-line correspondence allow 7 days

9 Models for Hair-stroke or shadow brows

Student to supply models



Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Port Macquarie. Travel can be arranged at a fee to your own salon in Australia & New Zealand.


This is designed for the student who has no previous experience in brow tattoo and brow design and who wishes to learn Micro-blading/ Feather Brow Tattoo, using a hand tool. It offers a distinct natural hair stroke.  


This class also covers shadow brow with hand tools.


This course will allow you more experience and practice and also includes the full Feathering Kit including the latest tool the Stamp Pop (we are the only collages teaching this new method along with shadow work)


Kit Value $950 Contains:

  • 2 Hand tools (suitable for autoclave)
  • 1 New Stamp pop hand tool with 3 disposable capsule needle/ blades
  • 3 Disposable Brow Tools (blade included)
  • 50 Blades sizes 7,12, U & flat)
  • 6 Brow Pigments
  • Brow Pencil to Shape, Tweezers, Shavers & Brush
  • Brow Calipers
  • Brow Stickers
  • 2 Practice Mats
  • Disposables: Gloves, Face Masks, Aprons, Plastic Bowls & Hair Covers
  • Cotton Tips, Alcohol Wipes and Cosmetic Pads
  • 10 Protat Aftercare Cream
  • Anaesthetic from a compounding chemist
  • Pigment Cups, Finger Rings & Pigment Holder
  • Surgical Skin Marker
  • Carry Bag and 20% Discount voucher


Well known Cosmetic Tattooists Australian Cosmetic Tattoo College have taught and their clients