SHBBSKS003 Design & Provide Cosmetic Tattoo - $7,000

Unit Code - 1017



SHBBINF001 Maintain Infection Control

Hold a Makeup or Beauty Therapy Certificate


Course Structure:

Theory via on-line correspondence (allow 7-14 days)


4 Days One on One Training in private beauty room or your own salon which has council approval


9 Live Models Lip Line, Lip Blend, Full Lip Blush, Eyeliner, Brow Shadow and Hair Stroke

Student to supply models



All capital cities in Australia

Travel can be arranged to your own salon at a fee

Travel can be arranged to New Zealand


R.P.L. This course is available as Recognised Prior Learning


Optional:  add a 1-day Introduction to Micro-Blading Course $1,000 No models required


Our practical class covers: 

  • Lip Line, Blend and Full Lip Blush
  • Eye Line Enhancement
  • Top and Under Eyeliner
  • Brow Shadow
  • Brow Hair stroke if using a Digital Machine
  • Beauty Spot
  • Repair Old Colours
  • Camouflage
  • (This range will depend of the scope of models arranged for your class)



To complete the Design and Perform Cosmetic Tattoo Beginners Course you must have a machine kit you can select a kit option from the following:


Kit Options:  From $1,500 - $4,600 One to suit your budget.

  1. PM Blue Tooth Digital Machine Kit $1,500
  2. Skin Master Digital 7 Kit $2,200
  3. Skin Master Deluxe Digi-pop Machine Kit $3,300
  4. Nu Pearl Medical Machine (German) - $4,600



Option 1


PM Bluetooth Machine with Training Kit $1,500



  • PM Permanent Make Up Machine using the current technology
  • Download the app and log in through your Bluetooth and away you go
  • Bluetooth connection device Handheld ultra-thin
  • Power adapter
  • The pen is ergonomic
  • Wireless device
  • 2 Years Warranty



Option 2


Skin Master 7 Machine with Training Kit $2,200 





A Good Beginners machine.

  • A lightweight portable Digital Cosmetic Tattoo Machine
  • Round, Flat and Slope Needles. 
  • Easy change disposable capsuled needle
  • 12 month warranty



Option 3


Digipop Deluxe (Korean) 10 Speed Medical Machine with Training Kit $3,300




Digipop Duluxe

  • Noise free and compact sized computerised LCD Screen permanent cosmetic device and is used all for permanent cosmetics and medical procedures with 10 Speed Digital control. Using acupuncture needle. Fine and beautiful pattern design is possible with this machine.


    You can also include an extra skin needling handpiece for an extra $1100 which has all the adjustments for skin needling. 


    Needle Cartridge:

    • Easy to use all-in one single piece needle cartridge
    • Retracted needles for safety
    • Individually sealed single use sterilized needle cartridges
    • No back flow into the hand piece to prevent cross contamination
    • Adjustable needle length
    • Various needle types for different treatment areas and techniques
    • 12 months warranty



Option 4


Nu Pearl Digital Device (German) Machine and Training Kit $4,600




This is German made and designed in UK It is user friendly and light design. A smooth acrylic finish with touch sensor function keys and LCD display, allows for easy cleaning, this LCD allows you to increase or decrease the speed and switch to on/off. Speed available is from 50-120 strokes per second. It comes with Automatic Hand Recognition, automatically recognizing which skin system is in use and is suitable for both Cosmetic Tattoo and Skin Needling. The hand piece is ergonomic, quiet almost silent and very light, made of anodized aluminum and easy to keep sterile. German engineered technology, the motor has pulling power. 24 MONTH WARRANTY.


One of the most powerful cartridge pens on the market.  It is a small powerful machine it takes a very fine 1 liner needle, 1 needle, 3 needle, 3 outline needle, 3 flat needle , 5 liner needle.




Finance is availble through Mac Credit from $45 per week